The Opportunity

The global Radiofrequency Ablation market, across all indications, is predicted to be worth approximately $9bn by the end of the decade (source: Grand View Research – Radiofrequency Ablation Devices Market Analysis – October 2014). Ablatus Therapeutics was formed in order to bring BETA to this market.

The value proposition of BETA is based upon improved performance vs. standard RFA, potentially fewer adverse events, a simple user-friendly design and a lower CoG vs. marketed systems. By exploiting these benefits, we plan to become a leading provider of BETA-based ablation systems.

Funding History

In May 2016 Ablatus Therapeutics completed an angel-funding round, led by Anglia Capital Group  comprising investments by the low Carbon Innovation Fund, New Anglia Capital as well as individual investors. This initial £500k investment allowed us to commence the development of BETA as a medical device.

In July 2016, the potential of the Company was identified by NWES, culminating in the award of a Future 50 grant to aid BETA development.

June 2017 saw the award of a substantial Innovate UK project grant to the Company for the development of BETA to the point of readiness for clinical studies.

Further angel funding led by Cambridge Capital Group and Anglia Capital Group was obtained in September 2017.

In April 2018, the Company closed a private equity round with Northern Ventures (NVM) which provides the funding for key staff hires and an expansion of our capabilities as it moves towards the market.

Future Funding Requirements

The Company is always interested in discussing opportunities with potential investors; please contact us at